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About Us

Sea Sector is a free maritime app which serves as an information source for seafarers to expand their nautical knowledge. Our interesting articles can help you learn COLREGs, lights, manoeuvres and shapes without difficulty.

Learn about personal life saving appliances, lifeboats and vessels and find out more about signal appliances and communication systems, meteorology and other sailing skills important for mariners.

Sea Sector has all the seafaring calculators you will ever need – the Nautical Calculator to determine rhumb line and great circle navigation results, the Nautical Almanac with astronomical information that supports bridge crews in routine and emergency celestial navigation of vessels, the maritime ETA Calculator to assist you with estimated time of arrival calculations, Unit Converter, AIS Code tool and many more.

Sea Sector provides you with the latest world maritime news every sailor needs to know. The app also lets you test your sea knowledge with our 20+ question quizzes on COLREGs, meteorology and many more.

We welcome you on board and hope you will have a most pleasant voyage.